VaperTrail. Available for Australia.

designed for anaesthetists, by anaesthetists.


VaperTrail is a completely new approach to running your practice.  All elements of the software communicate with each other so there’s no repeated data entry.

Our approach is:  Enter once, use everywhere.  And that includes when you’re away from the office.  All important information about your schedule, lists and patients is just a click away.  On any internet-capable device.  24.  7.  365.


Tight  integration allows you to enter data just once.  The data is visible to your office staff and you – whether you’re in the office or in theatre.

So all the information you need – quotes, IFCs, preoperative questionnaires and consults, patient investigations and your weekly schedule – is available in one place.



VaperTrail is practice management software that thinks the way you do.  Complex tasks are made simple by software ‘smarts’ allowing you and your staff to work better and faster.

For ‘better and faster’ read “more savings” – one practice estimates its monthly savings to be over $2000.  Or put another way: over $20,000 per year.


VaperTrail allows greater use of electronic communication with patients.

This allows you to reduce: paper, printer costs, envelopes, stamps, franking machines, trips to the postbox, secure paper destruction and so much more.

Better for the environment, your staff, and also better for you and your bottom line.



Security is central to how we’ve designed VaperTrail:  users have their own secure and individualised logins.  Sophisticated preferences allow you to choose exactly what each user is allowed to see and do.

Naturally, we use industry-standard encryption so your critical practice information and confidential patient data is kept safe wherever it is viewed.


Changing from your current software can be daunting.  If the thought of changing your practice software fills you with dread, we will help you through the transition with project planning and staged implementation to guide you through the process.

We’ll also help you look at your entire office workflow to identify where most savings can be made.

Your Practice

As anaesthetic practices grow they often end up with a mish-mash of disconnected, stand-alone programmes that don’t talk to each other.

So your booking/scheduling system doesn’t talk to the billing system.  Or there’s no easy way to store patient investigations allowing both office staff and anaesthetists outside the office to access them.  Or it’s hard to quickly view operating lists and associated e-faxes.

Office staff struggle to duplicate information from system to system.  They send multiple emails/SMS/faxes to keep anaesthetists informed.  And spend valuable time entering data again…. and again… into multiple programmes.

Imagine if there was one programme that integrated all your essential business – both clinical and financial.  If your office staff could enter information just once and have that information viewed by all authorised users – whether they were in the office or in an operating room.  If the software streamlined and simplified your workflows.

Your solution: VaperTrail

VaperTrail is a software suite that works for both your office users and mobile anaesthetists:

  • the office app runs on a server and communicates with Windows-based desktop PCs
  • the web app communicates with authorised anaesthetists who can use any internet-capable device to view their lists, patients, investigations and quotes

Find out more about...

If you want to find out more about any aspect of the software, features, fees and how to transition from your old software, please contact us.

Or watch the videos (left) to see what VaperTrail can offer your practice.

the company

Vaper Pty Ltd was created with the vision of using emerging mobile technologies to improve health care.

Started by a practising anaesthetist in 2003, the company’s first product was the Vaper Logbook for Palm.  This logbook was aimed at anaesthetists, both trainees and specialists, and allowed easy and rapid data collection and analysis.  The logbook was highly successful worldwide.

In 2009 Vaper created programmes for the emerging Apple mobile market with software that still remains at the top of its category:

  • Pocket MBS – the Australian Medicare Benefits Schedule made electronic
  • Pocket RVG – the Australian Relative Value Guide plus other anaesthetic-related features
  • Vaper – the Anaesthesia Logbook for iOS

VaperTrail is a natural progression:  a completely integrated software package for Anaesthetists in private practice.  It is aimed at organising a busy, multi-anaesthetist practice and has already demonstrated its success in the biggest Anaesthetic practice in South Australia.

Check out the features to see what has made it so successful.

the software

VaperTrail is a single programme, built with industry-standard technologies, that simplifies running a busy multi-anaesthetist practice:

  • enter details of operating sessions in your office and anaesthetists can view all relevant data via the web
  • manage on-call
  • generate estimates and prepay letters and email them within VaperTrail
  • create bills for printing/email or ECLIPSE
  • view graphs of how your practice is working
  • ECLIPSE-compliant

Simple, elegant and, most importantly, time-saving.  By a company that’s been leading software for anaesthesia since 2003.

Check out the features…

And if you’re worried about how you to make the transition, we can help you…

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