VaperTrail. Available for Australia.

designed for anaesthetists, by anaesthetists.


VaperTrail is a completely new approach to running your practice.  All elements of the software communicate with each other so there’s no repeated data entry.

Our approach is:  Enter once, use everywhere.  And that includes when you’re away from the office.  All important information about your schedule, lists and patients is just a click away.  On any internet-capable device.  24.  7.  365.


Tight  integration allows you to enter data just once.  The data is visible to your office staff and you – whether you’re in the office or in theatre.

So all the information you need – quotes, IFCs, preoperative questionnaires and consults, patient investigations and your weekly schedule – is available in one place.



VaperTrail is practice management software that thinks the way you do.  Complex tasks are made simple by software ‘smarts’ allowing you and your staff to work better and faster.

For ‘better and faster’ read “more savings” – one practice estimates its monthly savings to be over $2000.  Or put another way: over $20,000 per year.


VaperTrail allows greater use of electronic communication with patients.

This allows you to reduce: paper, printer costs, envelopes, stamps, franking machines, trips to the postbox, secure paper destruction and so much more.

Better for the environment, your staff, and also better for you and your bottom line.



Security is central to how we’ve designed VaperTrail:  users have their own secure and individualised logins.  Sophisticated preferences allow you to choose exactly what each user is allowed to see and do.

Naturally, we use industry-standard encryption so your critical practice information and confidential patient data is kept safe wherever it is viewed.


Changing from your current software can be daunting.  If the thought of changing your practice software fills you with dread, we will help you through the transition with project planning and staged implementation to guide you through the process.

We’ll also help you look at your entire office workflow to identify where most savings can be made.