Introduction & Features

What is VaperTrail?
VaperTrail is an integrated software solution ideal for multi-anaesthetist practices.  It handles everything from scheduling, case booking, patient investigations/results, estimates, informed financial consent (IFC), billing right through to reminders and bad debt collection.  All in one, comprehensive programme.

Information entered in the office is available simultaneously to all office users AND remote users using only an internet browser.

Does it support electronic claiming?
Absolutely.  VaperTrail is set up to default to electronic claiming whenever possible – Medicare, Health Funds and Veteran Affairs.
Can I use VaperTrail just for billing?
Of course.

We have honed billing down to an incredibly quick and efficient process.  VaperTrail does most of the thinking for you: just enter the service item numbers, how the invoice should be charged and let the programme do the rest.  For example, when submitting an invoice to a known-gap health fund:

  • enter the item numbers
  • enter the amount of the known-gap

VaperTrail will automatically generate the necessary electronic health fund invoice and simultaneously create the patient’s co-payment invoice in one step.

VaperTrail automatically analyses the account status (prepayments on the account, known-gaps, insurer status and much more) to create correct, meaningful messages to be printed on your invoices.  More time saved.

With VaperTrail, most invoices can be created, electronically despatched (and/or printed, if you wish) in just 30 seconds.

What about more than billing?

Once you’ve mastered billing (which will take the average user less than 4 hours), the rest of the functions are easily available in a consistent, fluid interface.

You will be surprised how easy it is to:

  • generate prepayment letters and send them by email
  • create estimates – that are turned into editable invoices with one button click
  • add payments to an account
  • and so much more

Use as many (or as few) of the functions as you need.  It’s all there, ready for you.

I hate doing Reminders. Can VaperTrail help?

Definitely.  We know how time consuming creating reminders for outstanding accounts can be.  So we’ve automated the process:

  • press one button to select all the reminders that need processing
  • press one button to process the reminders
  • that’s it

VaperTrail uses inbuilt smarts to automatically generate reminders, addressed to the correct destinations with the correct messages.

It’s so easy that you will be able to process reminders in just a few minutes.  Do this every week (or every day if you wish – it’s that easy) and watch your outstanding accounts wither away.

How do I find out more?
Please contact us using the Contact page on the website.

Or check out the Testimonials.

Or we can put you in touch with current users who can explain how easy the transition to VaperTrail was.

Why is it called VaperTrail?
2 reasons:

  1. we wanted to create the ultimate, efficient, paperless office
  2. we wanted to be able to track everything that is done within the office

So every user has their own unique login and permissions.  And every significant activity is tracked.  So it’s easy to see exactly who did what, when and how.

Like a paper trail.  But paperless.


What do I need to run VaperTrail?

You need a server and Windows PCs in your office.  Your anaesthetists need any browser on any internet-capable device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop).

We configure the server: fully configured and ready to go with your anaesthetists’ schedules, surgeons, locations and fee schedules.

You supply the PCs to connect to it: most PCs purchased within the last 5 years are capable of running the software so you usually do NOT need to upgrade your PCs.


How do we move from our old system?
We ease you through the process and do as much of the setup work as possible:

  • pre-configure the system with your anaesthetists’ preferences and schedules
  • pre-load the software with default fee schedules (including your own practice ones, if necessary)
  • setup account information and payment options
  • manage communication with Medicare and Health Funds
  • provide 2 days where a trainer sits alongside you and guides you step-by-step

So the system is ready to work for you as soon as it is installed.  And because VaperTrail can run alongside your old billing system, there’s no panic to get rid of the old software.

What will our practice need to do to change over?
To be honest, not too much.  We will do most of the heavy-lifting for you.

We will ask you some questions to get information about your surgeons, anaesthetists and secretaries – this allows us to set up your system.  We will organise the critical arrangements so that you can start billing from Day 1.  And we will organise a trainer to sit alongside you to guide you through the first few days.

The hardest thing you have to do is tell us you want to come on board.


Can we continue to use our old system to chase up accounts?
Definitely.  The VaperTrail server easily runs alongside your existing billing system.

While it will only take a few days to learn how to use VaperTrail, it may take you a few months to collect all the outstanding accounts and debts on your old system.  So keep your old system running until you are ready to wind it down.

Again, we can assist you in planning how to bring in VaperTrail and get rid of the old…

What are the costs associated with VaperTrail?

We recommend that you use a separate, dedicated server to protect your sensitive billing data.

In addition to this, the costs are simply a monthly Maintenance and Support fee per anaesthetist using the system.

And that’s all.  No hidden charges.


Will I be charged for future updates?
No.  All feature updates, advances and fixes are included in the Maintenance costs.

As we said, “No hiddens”.