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If you dread BAS time, you’re not alone.  We understand your pain.

VaperTrail comes with multiple detailed reports to show your billing, payments, outstandings and adjustments.  But the report that’s most loved is the Summary Report.

The Summary Report show you at a glance your Year-To-Date: amounts billed and received, GST billed and received and even what your workload has been.  So there’s no more trudging through pieces of paper to give to your accountant.

Your whole year on one piece of paper.

So simple.



VaperTrail comes pre-configured to allow you to electronically submit invoices to Medicare, The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and participating Health Funds.

Sending electronic invoices couldn’t be simpler.  VaperTrail even performs background checking of patient Medicare and Health Fund numbers without you worrying.

And all of this means you’ll receive your payments in days, rather than weeks.

And because the payments are returned electronically, there’s no manual handling or reconciliation – it’s all handled automatically by VaperTrail.

Customise your payment options

VaperTrail allows you to easily customise payment options you want to include on your payment footers:

  • BPAY (with or without credit card options)
  • EFT
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card

All the payment options can be changed easily within the intuitive interface whenever you like.  And you can mix and match whichever options you wish if you have multiple accounts within the practice.

With BPAYs, VaperTrail performs automatic account reconciliation so that there’s no manual handling or data entry.  The software is smart enough to know whether a BPAY payment is a prepayment or not.  And if it’s a prepayment, VaperTrail automatically marks the prepayment as ‘done’ if appropriate.

Not just quicker, but better.  Much better.

Automated Reminders and Bad Debts

Managing reminders for a busy multi-anaesthetist practice can be very time consuming.

VaperTrail aims to streamline the process for your office staff:

  • VaperTrail is pre-configured with your anaesthetist and/or practice Reminder guidelines
  • Simply select which Reminder you wish to process and VaperTrail finds all the accounts that need this Reminder sent
  • Click the ‘Process’ button

And that’s all.  And if you want to change individual reminder stages and dates, that’s easy too.

Any accounts that have passed the final Reminder stage are automatically tracked by VaperTrail so that, once again, a single button press lists all the relevant accounts for processing.

Easily journal them off, or send them to the debt collector.  Either way, VaperTrail continues to track them so that you can retrieve them easily.

Simplify IFCs and pre-payments

VaperTrail allows the easy creation of IFCs (Informed Financial Consent) which can be instantly emailed directly to your patients.  Think of the savings in paper, print, envelopes, stamps and staff time.

Any accounts needing prepayment can be tracked as they pass through various stages:

  • easy single-button clicks track each stage of the prepayment process
  • VaperTrail automatically sorts each account in the right order for follow-up within the office
  • rapidly add payments to accounts in real-time

And when a payment is made, all this information (including account balance) is automatically available in the WebView for authorised remote users.  Finally, when the case is done, VaperTrail ‘converts’ this into a post-payment with all the relevant accounting done automatically for you.

Your staff, book-keeper and accountant are going to love it.

Intuitive. Easy to learn.

Anaesthesia is a complicated inter-relationship of anaesthetists, surgeons, regular or one-off sessions, patients and different hospitals – all with differing data requirements and functions – that a standard CRM can’t handle.  You need to handle separate but intimately connected parts of the practice:

  1. Office:  organise bookings, schedulings, on-call, estimates, IFC, billing, electronic claiming and chase up debts
  2. Clinical:  making sure that anaesthetists, wherever they are, are fully informed about their patients’ health issues
  3. Metrics:  a ‘birds-eye’ view of the practice to ensure that staff are working efficiently and the business is growing

VaperTrail has been designed from the ground up to interconnect all these functions.  Deep system-wide integration allows you to move effortlessly from office information to clinical to metrics and back again.  Just the way you’d expect it to.

Our users call it intuitive.  We call it 3 years of diligence.

Contact us to see how to bring your practice out of the dark.  And discover an easier way of doing business.

Faster. Safer. Easier.

All your data is stored in databases. VaperTrail uses SQL which is an industry-standard language designed for managing data reliably and quickly in large relational database management systems.  That means it’s quick and reliable whether you have 10 patient records or 10,000,000.

SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) is an industry-standard cryptographic protocol for encrypting information over the internet. This protects all information transmitted to/from VaperTrail over the internet and prevents network eavesdropping and tampering.  So your precious information is both safe and secure.

VaperTrail presents information visually in ways that are concise and intuitive. Calendars, scheduling and on-call have never been easier. Patient account payments, transfers, reversals and refunds are colour-coded and let you easily see the money trail.

Putting patients first.

Patients are the keystone for successful anaesthetic practice.  But they’re relegated to the bottom in too many software programmes.

VaperTrail put the patients back at the centre of your practice.  Office staff can easily attach IFCs, scanned letters, preoperative assessments, reports and investigations to your patient records.

Highlight a patient as high-risk and document the reasons within VaperTrail.

These entries stay with the patient for all subsequent appointments and procedures – if a high-risk patient turns up for their next procedure, all the clinical information is immediately visible.  Whether you’re in the office or at a hospital.  Whether you’ve got your laptop with you, or your smartphone.

So when Mr Jones turns up for his next procedure, you can easily see that he was a difficult intubation… or had critical Aortic Stenosis… or Respiratory Failure.  And act accordingly.

Intelligence. Built in.

VaperTrail uses inbuilt ‘smarts’ to improve efficiency:

  • when generating bills where a co-payment has been charged, VaperTrail will automatically generate 2 invoices (one for the patient, one for the Health Fund) and send the Health Fund portion electronically if possible.
  • visual indicators for on-call shifts show who is on-call, but also show scheduling clashes and unfilled on-call shifts.
  • unassigned lists can easily be allocated as VaperTrail can show only the anaesthetists who are free at that time.
  • ‘quick picks’ are single-click buttons that show simply which tasks need to be done:  Which patients need estimates emailed to them?  Or preoperative visits scheduled?  Or need to prepay?

Many other features are built right in to VaperTrail to improve productivity in the office.

So it’s easier to train staff – both your current staff and new recruits.

Inform. Plan. Manage.

VaperTrail gives you more information about how your practice is faring:

  • How does your caseload vary over time?  Use the information to plan when holidays can best be taken,  see whether you can take on more anaesthetists, or simply see how your practice has been growing over time.
  • How many cases does a particular surgeon bring your practice?  In a busy multi-anaesthetist practice, it’s important to discover which surgeon’s lists need to be covered first.
  • How much money is outstanding for a particular insurer?  If there are particular insurers that are tardy with payments, VaperTrail makes it easy to discover the culprits and target them for faster payment.
  • How much money was billed over the last year?  Is your practice growing year-by-year and, if so, by how much?  Which surgeons bring you the most income?  VaperTrail gives you feedback to actively manage your practice.
And all the information is presented in easy-to-read graphs.  Think ‘Google Analytics’ for Anaesthetics.




Automatic reconciliation

Reconciling your payments and accounts can be time-consuming and painful work.  VaperTrail smoothes the process:

  • easily add payments against patient accounts
  • automatic reconciliation of Eclipse payments
  • automatic reconciliation of BPAY payments
  • have separate prepayment and ‘post-payment’ accounts, with separate reports available for each

Then easily analyse all the payments for every practice accounts, either separately or together.

Save time for your accountant or book-keeper.  And money for your practice.

Save money, time and lives.

  • Email letters: a medium-sized practice can spend thousands of dollars on stationary and postage every year.  VaperTrail allows you to email prepay letters, estimates and bills, saving you not only postage costs but also staff time.
  • Inbuilt electronic claiming (“Eclipse”) allows rapid submission and receipt of bills, improving your cash-flow.  Eclipse reports are built right in to your billing, letting you easily see which claims are accepted or rejected, and why.
  • Don’t waste time entering, then re-entering, information on multiple systems running within office.  Enter information only once with VaperTrail and have it available for all your secretarial staff and anaesthetists – either within the office or outside.
  • Streamline practice management with intuitive workflows that mirror how real offices work:  easily prioritise managing prepayments, quotes, preoperative consults and billing, however you run your practice.

Many other features in VaperTrail allow you to increase productivity whilst reducing expenses.

Schedules and Diaries

Different users need different views:

In the office, you need to see at a glance what everyone’s doing:

  • who’s free to do an extra case?
  • which lists need to be covered?
  • shuffle lists between anaesthetists
  • organise on-call and free sessions

VaperTrail allows you to easily see all relevant information so you can manage anaesthetists and their workloads.  See screenshot…


On the web, anaesthetists want to easily see what they are doing:

VaperTrail’s WebView focuses in on the information that’s important to each anaesthetist:

  • sessions times, locations and comments
  • individual patients
  • patient records
All in a personalised calendar available on internet-capable devices.  See screenshot…

Security. Outside and in.

We’ve thought a lot about security. 

Not just how it works.  But also how you connect to it.

Most practice software is designed to work inside an office.  Some programmes let you connect to the office software from the outside.  But then you’re compromising security, with people on the outside being able to connect to all your data on the inside.


With VaperTrail, we’ve had security in mind from the start.  Outside users connect to a piece of software within the software suite called the ‘WebView‘.  This ‘WebView’ is fed data from the main programme but is kept completely separate from the main programme so that outside users are isolated from your critical data.

And it’s encrypted with industry-standard SSL.



Our 3 core ideals:

1.  Integration – let everything communicate:

Most practices now have separate, disconnected ways to manage all their data:

  • a calendar programme to manage weekly schedules
  • email for patient investigations and data
  • electronic shared folders for scans and faxes
  • separate billing programmes

And office staff juggling information around all the separate systems – double and triple entering information into systems that don’t communicate between themselves.

VaperTrail centralises all this information:

  • attach patient information to the patient record – ready to be retrieved within the office or securely via the web
  • attach originals of the operating list to the list itself, where it can be viewed by office staff and anaesthetists alike
  • carry data through from the start (booking) to the end (billing)

and allows it all to be viewed within the office, or securely via any internet-capable device.

2.  Patients – not just bills:

Most software has billing as central and patients as peripheral. But mobile Anaesthetists need mobile data: clinical letters, investigations, ECGs, preop. questionnaires and consults – not just estimates and prepayments.

VaperTrail allows a mobile anaesthetist, equipped with any internet-capable device, to view their weekly schedule, on-call, operating lists and patient information. And financial information of course.  All securely using the latest technologies.

3.  Simplicity- make it easy:
VaperTrail simplifies the complexities of clinical and billing data:

  • enter information logically and intuitively
  • present choices only when they are relevant
  • concentrate on the essential

and make it work well. Seamlessly. For all.