From our users:

Having a busy private practice means I need reliable software to manage the day to day of my business.

Vapertrail gives me ease of access from all my devices wherever I may be working. When I need to find my list and patient information quickly it is all there and easily accessible. My staff are able to leave communications through the notes for each list without having to constantly be on the phone.

Vapertrail has meant I can focus on my job as an anaesthetist as it takes care of the running of my practice.

Rebecca Lewicki

Specialist Anaesthetist

As a private anaesthetic practice, effective scheduling and billing systems are integral to our business. We had previously used a number of medical “off the shelf” software packages but none provided efficient integration and the support that we were looking for.

We were interested in VaperTrail as it fulfilled our requirements for a cost-efficient, integrated and well supported all-in-one scheduling, accounting and CRM solution. VaperTrail was specifically designed by an anaesthetist for these exact purposes and we have now been using Vapertrail since 2012.

Migration to VT was smooth and seamless. The software was easy to learn and in-service support and training was excellent.

Of particular note, VT has been extremely cost effective to us as we have managed to substantially expand the number of anaesthetists in our practice with little increase in administrative costs.

I would definitely recommend VT and their support team if you are looking for a reliable integrated scheduling and accounting package for your anaesthetic practice.

John Jaccarini

Specialist Anaesthetist

I was concerned about moving from our old software to VaperTrail (as I have previously been involved when companies have changed their billing software and the changes have been disastrous).  However, there was no need for concern as the transition was extremely smooth and very orderly.

It links nicely to MYOB and Xero and the software support team have been very obliging in making software changes, amending reports and creating macros to make the accountancy side of things easier.

As the practice has continued to grow, both in annual revenue and numbers of doctors (we are now approaching 60 anaesthetists in the practice), VaperTrail has allowed me to easily reconcile all the essentials of running the business.

As an accountant, it is extremely important that everything reconciles and matches down to the last dollar and cent.  VaperTrail allows me to do this easily for a large and growing anaesthetic practice.

Sophie Hill

Practice Accountant

My company manages the IT networks, systems and hardware for several medical practices.

My dealings with the support team at VaperTrail have always been excellent – they have been prompt, professional, knowledgeable and very willing to help to investigate and fix any issues – whether those issues be in the hardware, software or associated networks.

Working so well together allows my company and VaperTrail’s support team to provide premier support and minimise down-time for the anaesthetic practices we look after

Frank Giorgio

Director, ITPros

We looked to upgrade our system to one that was user friendly and time saving. Our Doctors were looking for a convenient way to look at their diary, lists and patient notes in real time on any device.  Our transition to Vaper Trail 3 years ago was easy and the training and support was, and still is, fantastic.

The best feature for the administration side is that you only enter patient data once. You manage the booking, billing and receipting, patient notes and files all in the same window. This saves a lot of time and significantly lessens the chance of errors or data breaches. The patient notes and history are attached to their file, so the Doctors can access this information at home or in theatre. Doctors can also see the individual patient billings to track payments.

Our Doctors loved having the theatre lists attached to the diary booking – being able to see extra details about the operating list from the original surgeon’s faxes. They also love having access to the patients’ health information including blood tests, previous records and other correspondence all together in the patients file.

In addition, for peace of mind, the security of patient data is an integral feature of this system.

I would highly recommend VaperTrail.

Tracey Wurfel

Practice Manager

I LOVE vapertrail. I love how user friendly it is and how it’s easily accessible on all my devices.  All my patients’ information – like personal and medical information, including investigations, results and GP summaries – is in one place and only a click away.

Being new to private practice, the ability to see where my fellow practice colleagues are allows me to seek out help depending on my location of work.

Easily seeing future lists/patients allows me to plan accordingly – to see which patients need consults or further medical information – and gives me great peace of mind.

I would highly recommend Vaper Trail simply because it’s a well organised platform and easy to use. These are critical features helpful in managing my busy life of juggling a high patient workload as well as other personal commitments.

Preeti Krishnan

Specialist Anaesthetist

Although I was extremely worried about the transition to new software, the VaperTrail team provided excellent support and ‘hand-holding’ throughout the change meaning no downtime for our busy 50-plus doctor practice. The programme was so intuitive, I never needed to read the manual!

Before VaperTrail, communication between office staff and our doctors was chaotic.  Now all the information – clinical investigations, estimates, quotes, and any communication with patients – is electronically stored logically and instantly available to everyone authorised to see it.  All the relevant information is immediately available to the relevant doctors without anyone in the office doing anything extra.

VaperTrail has been a lifesaver – literally.

Lyn Adey

Practice Manager

VaperTrail is a “one-stop shop” for staff that allows all patient bookings and billing information to be managed within one easy to use system.  It saves valuable administration time by allowing information to be entered simply and directly with all updates being live instantly.

The system provides easy to process reports that readily provide practice-specific information such as ‘empty’ operating sessions, missing accounts, bad debtors and much more.  The Banking and Reconciliation reports are simple and easy to use with well-designed period-end reports available to assist Doctors with their regular BAS requirements.  In addition, the Debt reminder system is very efficient with overdue invoice reminders easily processed for printing or emailing.

Doctors have the ability to remotely see staff notes, fee estimates and payments made to an account using only a browser-equipped device.  It is easy for Doctors to view patient letters, health questionnaires, blood and ECG results, comments concerning fees and/or health information, and patient information from prior surgeries in one location.

Support is always friendly and pleasant with requests attended to on a timely basis.

In conclusion, VaperTrail is a logical and extremely user-friendly system for all staff that also allows easy and comprehensive external access for all Doctors.

Kylan Muster

Practice Secretary

As an anaesthetist working solely in private practice, VaperTrail is a breath of fresh air.

It gives me list calendar, quoting and patient data with a mouse click or screen tap.  No more searching through reams of paper.

I wonder how I managed without it.

Andrew Bowie

Specialist Anaesthetist

With VaperTrail, I particularly like the way I can plan my week around work.

It allows me to anticipate and manage high risk patients with nursing assessments, referral letters, investigations and specialists’ letters all accessible in one place. Reducing the risk of unanticipated high risk patients helps reduce the stress of a busy work schedule.

Seeing the communications between our staff and patients regarding anaesthesia accounts makes it easier to put in place strategies to deal with unhappy patients. I can address, discuss and deal with disgruntled patients in a timely fashion and hopefully prevent misunderstandings escalating.

It is especially useful when taking over someone else’s list. I can see what cases/patients are still left to do and makes the delivery of anaesthesia services to our clients (both patients and surgeons) more seamless.

It serves as a useful nexus between work and private life too. I can see when colleagues and friends are busy or likely to have finished work and therefore able to take a call, or even plan social engagements.  I can see evening commitments, committee meetings and educational events all in one place.

Access across multiple platforms is fundamental to its functionality too.

Michael Abbott

Specialist Anaesthetist