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Authorisations for DVA, Medicare, Online claiming and Health Funds


Unfortunately, to set up the appropriate associations with DVA, Medicare, Online claiming and the Health Funds there are several forms to complete.  We will assist you in much of this initial setup, however there are certain steps that only you are authorised to complete.

Before starting you will need to have a PDF viewer and know your:

  • AHPRA number
  • new Provider number
  • bank account details
  • ABN



  1. Download all the (compressed/’zipped’) necessary forms here…
  2. Extract/Decompress/’Unzip’ the forms (if not already done automatically by your software)
  3. Fill out the forms (see table below for help)
    • Red note in the documents is mandatory
    • yellow note in the documents are optional – we will fill in on your behalf (unless you prefer to fill in yourself and return)
  4. Return the forms after filling out to us here…

Note: you can fill out the forms electronically (easier and quicker) OR by printing out, completing, and scanning.

Document name Action required
1.  VT authorisation and personal details.pdf complete details, sign and return
2.  hw027.pdf sign on page 4
3.  hw029.pdf sign on page 3
4.  hw052.pdf sign on page 2
5.  gap-cover-form.pdf we will complete
6.  Provider Registration Forms.pdf sign on page 1
7.  HCF_Medicover_application_form… sign on page 2
8.  GU Health provider-registration… sign on page 2
9.  BUPA.pdf sign on page 3




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