Support: VaperTrail 2.x

New Provider Number

Create a new Provider Number

The simplest (electronic): online, via PRODA and HPOS

Before starting, you will need to know your ABN.


  1. Login at the PRODA website
  2. Your screen should look something like this…
  3. click ‘Go to service’ on the HPOS tile
  4. click ‘My details’ tile
  5. click ‘My provider numbers’ tile
  6. click ‘Create a new provider location’ and follow the prompts
  7. Fill out the ‘Address’ section like this…

The old-fashioned (paper) way:

Before starting, you will need to know:

  • your AHPRA registration number
  • your ABN
  • your bank account details

Download the form here…

To link the new Provider number to Vaper Pty Ltd, use the following details in section 22:

Vaper Pty Ltd, 57 William Street, Norwood, SA 5067          T: 0408 790292          E:


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