News updates.

VaperTrail highlighted in the ANZCA Bulletin

VaperTrail has been highlighted in the winter 2020 ANZCA Bulletin in an article detailing how online data tools can assist delivery of safe care, especially to anaesthetists (who by the nature of their speciality often work in multiple locations, remote from their...

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Confused about Anaesthesia age-modifier items?

You're not alone. Until 31 October 2019, things were simple. Both the AMA and MBS schedules allowed the use of an anaesthetic modifier item (M1 for AMA, 25015 for MBS) if the patient was under 1 year of age or over 70 years of age. But then things got interesting. On...

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MBS Schedule: May 22 updates

Another week. Another MBS update. And more confusion plus a little clarity... The MBS schedule has been updated to include 2 new 'COVID-19' Telehealth items specifically designed for anaesthetists. The items essentially mirror the existing 17615 (preoperative...

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COVIDSafe app. Should I download it yet?

With the Australian Government releasing the COVIDSafe contact tracing app on Sunday (26th April 2020), here’s some information about how it came to be, how it works, and ongoing privacy/data concerns. The federal government released the (currently voluntary) contact...

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MBS: latest updates: 20 April, 2020

Previously commencing 6 April 2020, regulations were changed allowing Health providers to charge their usual billing practices for telehealth consultations, although there was still a legislative requirement for these consultations to be bulk-billed to...

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Anaesthetists and MBS items 91822-91833

Shortly after the MBS changes incorporating new COVID-19 items became valid, we noticed that some of the telehealth items were being consistently rejected by Medicare - items 91822 (Telehealth attendance by a specialist) and 91833 (phone attendance by a specialist)....

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