Previously commencing 6 April 2020, regulations were changed allowing Health providers to charge their usual billing practices for telehealth consultations, although there was still a legislative requirement for these consultations to be bulk-billed to concessional/vulnerable patients and to children under the age of 16.

As of 20 April 2020, the bulk-billing requirement has been lifted for these concessional/vulnerable patients and children under 16 for Specialists and allied health providers who can continue their usual billing practices.

Note, however, that GPs and Other Medical Practitioners must continue to bulk-bill for these types of patients.

Additionally, 2 new bulk-billing items have been created (10981 and 10982) for a medical service provided to a vulnerable patient. And 28 new telehealth items are available (for consultant psychiatrists, public health physicians and neurosurgeons). For a complete list of the new (and pre-existing) COVID-9 Telehealth items, look here…

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