Running a busy multi-anaesthetist practice is a highly complex activity:

  • ensuring that all your practice’s lists are assigned
  • handling IFCs and preoperative financial transactions
  • flagging patients with difficult clinical issues
  • ensuring anaesthetists have all the relevant clinical information at their fingertips
  • reducing billing errors
  • maximising cashflow
  • chasing bad debt
  • reviewing critical business parameters

Our mantra: Streamline and simplify.

That doesn’t mean dropping essential features to produce a ‘dumbed-down’ programme.  It means thinking about what needs to be achieved.  And how to accomplish it seamlessly, so that a user is delighted by the experience.

In most other programmes, when a list is moved from one anaesthetist to another, your office staff will be left to juggle patients, notes and financials.

When a list is moved in VaperTrail, we take care of the heavy lifting by moving:

  • all the patients to the new anaesthetist
  • all clinical information along with the patients
  • all financial information, quotes, estimates and prepayments

And that’s just one example of the philosophy evident throughout our software.

With so many thoughtful features and functions, you’ll be delighted by its simplicity and elegance.

Simplify your office.  Streamline your workflows.