If you’re put off changing from your old software, let us put your mind at ease about VaperTrail.

  1. Firstly, VaperTrail can run alongside your old system – so you can continue using the old until you’re happy with the new.
  2. Also, VaperTrail comes preconfigured¬†with all the defaults you need – so you’re up and ready to go at installation.
  3. We thrown in 2 full days of training – with an experienced user sitting alongside you to guide you through each step of the way.
  4. Though with VaperTrail being so intuitive and familiar – it really does think the way you do – you’ll be churning through work at an unbelievable rate within just a few hours training.

Once you make the change, you’ll wonder why you ever delayed.

VaperTrail.  Designed by anaesthetists, for anaesthetists.