If you’re using alternative software to run your practice, be aware of the additional costs that other software vendors charge – the hidden costs that chip away at your bottom line:

  • are you being charged for installing the software on PCs?
  • are future software updates included?
  • is there any additional fee for processing BPAYs?
  • are you charged extra for Electronic claim processing (ECLIPSE)?

These additional fees can quickly add up, especially in multi-anaesthetist practices:

For example, if there are 20 anaesthetists in your practice, you’re probably handling 20,000 – 30,000 accounts per year.  So, even an extra charge of only 50c per account adds up to additional charges of $10,000-$15,00 per year.  That’s in addition to the other charges you’re being asked to pay.

With VaperTrail, we have a simple philosophy:

  1. A single, one-off setup cost per anaesthetist
  2. A monthly support fee per anaesthetist

and that’s it.  ‘No hiddens’.

Contact us to see how to simplify your office, software and payments.