Many Australian health businesses aren’t aware of it but on 12th March, 2014 a major new set of guidelines apply to collection, storage and transmission of personal data.

And along with the new guidelines come some hefty fines ($340,000 for individuals and $1.7 million for corporations) and the ability to be audited.

If you’re sending sensitive patient information to doctors by email, be warned that most regular emails are transmitted unencrypted and can be easily viewed by any hacker who gains access to any of the mail servers (and their backups).

In VaperTrail, we’ve thought about privacy and security as an integral part of the design of the software – not just ‘bolted on’ as an afterthought. ¬†All information is sent encrypted (using the same technology that banks use) to make sure that sensitive patient data is kept confidential.

VaperTrail: private – by design.