VaperTrail allows the easy creation of IFCs (Informed Financial Consent) which can be instantly emailed directly to your patients.  Think of the savings in paper, print, envelopes, stamps and staff time.

Any accounts needing prepayment can be tracked as they pass through various stages:

  • easy single-button clicks track each stage of the prepayment process
  • VaperTrail automatically sorts each account in the right order for follow-up within the office
  • rapidly add payments to accounts in real-time

And when a payment is made, all this information (including account balance) is automatically available in the WebView for authorised remote users. ¬†Finally, when the case is done, VaperTrail ‘converts’ this into a post-payment with all the relevant accounting done automatically for you.

Your staff, book-keeper and accountant are going to love it.