We looked to upgrade our system to one that was user friendly and time saving. Our Doctors were looking for a convenient way to look at their diary, lists and patient notes in real time on any device.  Our transition to Vaper Trail 3 years ago was easy and the training and support was, and still is, fantastic.

The best feature for the administration side is that you only enter patient data once. You manage the booking, billing and receipting, patient notes and files all in the same window. This saves a lot of time and significantly lessens the chance of errors or data breaches. The patient notes and history are attached to their file, so the Doctors can access this information at home or in theatre. Doctors can also see the individual patient billings to track payments.

Our Doctors loved having the theatre lists attached to the diary booking – being able to see extra details about the operating list from the original surgeon’s faxes. They also love having access to the patients’ health information including blood tests, previous records and other correspondence all together in the patients file.

In addition, for peace of mind, the security of patient data is an integral feature of this system.

I would highly recommend VaperTrail.