I was concerned about moving from our old software to VaperTrail (as I have previously been involved when companies have changed their billing software and the changes have been disastrous).  However, there was no need for concern as the transition was extremely smooth and very orderly.

It links nicely to MYOB and Xero and the software support team have been very obliging in making software changes, amending reports and creating macros to make the accountancy side of things easier.

As the practice has continued to grow, both in annual revenue and numbers of doctors (we are now approaching 60 anaesthetists in the practice), VaperTrail has allowed me to easily reconcile all the essentials of running the business.

As an accountant, it is extremely important that everything reconciles and matches down to the last dollar and cent.  VaperTrail allows me to do this easily for a large and growing anaesthetic practice.