VaperTrail is a “one-stop shop” for staff that allows all patient bookings and billing information to be managed within one easy to use system.  It saves valuable administration time by allowing information to be entered simply and directly with all updates being live instantly.

The system provides easy to process reports that readily provide practice-specific information such as ‘empty’ operating sessions, missing accounts, bad debtors and much more.  The Banking and Reconciliation reports are simple and easy to use with well-designed period-end reports available to assist Doctors with their regular BAS requirements.  In addition, the Debt reminder system is very efficient with overdue invoice reminders easily processed for printing or emailing.

Doctors have the ability to remotely see staff notes, fee estimates and payments made to an account using only a browser-equipped device.  It is easy for Doctors to view patient letters, health questionnaires, blood and ECG results, comments concerning fees and/or health information, and patient information from prior surgeries in one location.

Support is always friendly and pleasant with requests attended to on a timely basis.

In conclusion, VaperTrail is a logical and extremely user-friendly system for all staff that also allows easy and comprehensive external access for all Doctors.