Drowning in paper, short of time?

If you dread reminders, we get it.

If you’re still trudging your way through paper invoices, statements, files and filing, welcome to a new way of managing reminders:  VaperTrail Reminders.

  1. Press ‘Reminders’ to get all the accounts that need processing.
  2. ‘Select All’
  3. Then press ‘Process’.  That’s it.

VaperTrail acts as your PA to ease the drudgery by:

  • creating the necessary reminder letters
  • filling in all the details
  • composing the relevant messages
  • marking an account log so you can see what’s been done
  • moving the reminder to the ‘next stage’

It’s all configurable:  change how many reminders, when they are set and how to process them.

And it’s all included in the standard features of VaperTrail.