Forewarned.  Forearmed.

When an anaesthetist approaches you in the Recovery room, embraces you and says “I absolutely love VaperTrail”, we know we’re doing something right.

Why the spontaneous appreciation?

Because she had just been warned on VaperTrail of a patient who was a difficult intubation – along with all the relevant medical notes, account quotes and interactions with the office staff.

All in one place.  All on her tablet.  All at once.

Modern anaesthesia has become more and more difficult for clinicians with:

  • day-of-surgery admissions
  • staggered admission times
  • reduced times for pre-assessments
  • pressure to reduce turnover times
  • all compounded by clinical notes in multiple hospitals and locations.

All this puts you in the firing line – anaesthetising patients with inadequate information and limited time.

VaperTrail is designed to give you all the clinical and financial information you need for your patients.  Right where you need it.  So you’ll be forewarned.

And forewarned is forearmed.