Information is essential to being a safe anaesthetist.

We’ve thought a lot about how to handle this critical information:

  • how to collect it
  • how to store it – so it’s available to everyone that needs it
  • and how to display it effectively – so that the important things stand out

Think of VaperTrail as a central data repository collating everything about your lists, patients and their clinical and financial information.


As information is added to your lists, patients and their accounts, all the relevant information is available immediately to you on the road:

  • clinical investigations and letters
  • telephone advice given by your staff
  • financial quotes and estimates
  • patients’ account status and payments

With any internet connection.  With any internet-capable device.

And because we deliver only the information you need, data transmission is kept down – which means you’re updated with new developments rapidly.

If you’ve ever regretted the day you weren’t properly informed about your patients, see how VaperTrail can help you.