Why simplify, save and inform?

To save:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Lives


Save money

Unless you’ve taken a close look at how your business flows, it’s easy to remain with the status quo:  keep consuming reams of paper, repairing printers, changing cartridges,  filing, retrieving, re-filing and finally, securely destroying everything when you’re finished.

And the costs of doing all this can run into tens of thousands of dollars every year for even a small-sized practice.  That’s just for the tangibles.  The intangibles (staff productivity, frustration and errors) are much harder to quantify.

VaperTrail is designed to reduce all the visible costs, simultaneously improving your staff efficiency.  Saving you money.  Lots of money.


Save time

Your staff are busy juggling multiple types of information on different types of software.

Schedules on one programme.  Billing on another.  Patient information on a third.  And maybe telephones or SMS to relay other information to anaesthetists.

This all takes time.  And it’s incredibly difficult, frustrating and error-prone to keep it all up to date for all the anaesthetists in the practice.

VaperTrail allows your staff to work efficiently.  That means quicker, more reliably and with less errors.

That’s good for everyone.


Save lives

Being a busy clinical anaesthetist means you’re often at the pointy end when there’s a need to get through lists efficiently.  Patients arrive on the day of surgery, with staggered admission times, their notes are in multiple locations, financial estimates are back in the office, preoperative investigations are on the computer at home and there’s pressure on you to keep the list ticking over.

Inadequate preoperative assessment and preparation is one of the major problems in unexpected anaesthetic incidents.  And the modern anaesthetist is very vulnerable.

VaperTrail allows you and your office staff to have all the relevant information in one place.  Available electronically and securely.  Wherever you are.  With any internet-capable device and an online connection.

Because Forewarned is Forearmed.