The final pieces of the complex jigsaw that is anaesthesia practice management are falling into place.  The pilot trial is complete and Adelaide Anaesthetic Services is now the first practice to use VaperTrail for all its day-to-day practice management.

The pilot began on 14th March with the introduction of the scheduling components, allowing all the office staff to allocate operating lists, attach patient details (including results, preoperative assessments and quotes) and organise anaesthetists on-call.

The next phase saw over 40 Anaesthetists accessing all the patient/list data through a secure, encrypted web view.  They are now able to view their weekly schedules along with the details of each operating list on a myriad of devices: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet.

This was rapidly followed up by the office staff easily switching all prepayments, estimates and billing from the old software to VaperTrail.

The final piece of the jigsaw was Eclipse (electronic) billing and reconciliation.  All completed.  Even the accountant was kept happy.

So now all the disparate pieces of software have been replaced by one, overarching software suite – where all the different software components ‘talk to each other’.  No need to double-enter, or triple-enter information.

But this is only the beginning.  Watch out for future developments…