Our 3 core ideals:

1.  Integration – let everything communicate:

Most practices now have separate, disconnected ways to manage all their data:

  • a calendar programme to manage weekly schedules
  • email for patient investigations and data
  • electronic shared folders for scans and faxes
  • separate billing programmes

And office staff juggling information around all the separate systems – double and triple entering information into systems that don’t communicate between themselves.

VaperTrail centralises all this information:

  • attach patient information to the patient record – ready to be retrieved within the office or securely via the web
  • attach originals of the operating list to the list itself, where it can be viewed by office staff and anaesthetists alike
  • carry data through from the start (booking) to the end (billing)

and allows it all to be viewed within the office, or securely via any internet-capable device.

2.  Patients – not just bills:

Most software has billing as central and patients as peripheral. But mobile Anaesthetists need mobile data: clinical letters, investigations, ECGs, preop. questionnaires and consults – not just estimates and prepayments.

VaperTrail allows a mobile anaesthetist, equipped with any internet-capable device, to view their weekly schedule, on-call, operating lists and patient information. And financial information of course.  All securely using the latest technologies.

3.  Simplicity- make it easy:
VaperTrail simplifies the complexities of clinical and billing data:

  • enter information logically and intuitively
  • present choices only when they are relevant
  • concentrate on the essential

and make it work well. Seamlessly. For all.