As an anaesthetist working solely in private practise, the new VaperTrail booking and billing software from Vaper Ware is a breath of fresh air.

From its attractive and intuitive interface to its ability to run on multiple platforms it makes my day to day work easier.

I can access it on my home PC, my work netbook or on my Iphone with equal ease.

It gives me list calendar, quoting and patient data with a mouse click or screen tap. Individual patient data can be added to the site easily so that correspondence, referrals and copies of investigation results are all available to me, when I need it. No more searching through reams of paper.


The software rollout with our practise has gone very smoothly, and Vaper Ware have been very helpful and responded quickly to our needs.

Furthermore, and most importantly the booking software integrates seamlessly with the billing software in one package.  So for the first time we have one solution to all of our practise’s software needs.


Try it.  You’ll wonder how you managed without it.