Sign on.

Vaper Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that Adelaide Anaesthetic Services, the largest practice of private Anaesthetists in South Australia, has just signed on with VaperTrail.


The practice has been using the software for all its day-to-day business since May 1, 2012 and the transition from its old software couldn’t have been smoother:

  •  Scheduling and patient data has been successfully accessed both by office staff and anaesthetists (via the web) using a multitude of different devices
  • Patient bills have been generated, paid and easily reconciled with no disruption to practice income and cash-flow
  • And now the practice can see their metrics with a few simple clicks
In addition, with VaperTrail’s simple pricing structure there are no unpleasant hidden extra costs.  And all performed using the practice’s current PCs with no expensive hardware upgrades necessary.
But before the ink was dry on the contracts, future advances are already in the pipeline.  These extra features and improvements are all part of the standard contracts so there will be no nasty financial surprises.  Watch out for some exciting new developments.