VaperTrail gives you more information about how your practice is faring:

  • How does your caseload vary over time?  Use the information to plan when holidays can best be taken,  see whether you can take on more anaesthetists, or simply see how your practice has been growing over time.
  • How many cases does a particular surgeon bring your practice?  In a busy multi-anaesthetist practice, it’s important to discover which surgeon’s lists need to be covered first.
  • How much money is outstanding for a particular insurer?  If there are particular insurers that are tardy with payments, VaperTrail makes it easy to discover the culprits and target them for faster payment.
  • How much money was billed over the last year?  Is your practice growing year-by-year and, if so, by how much?  Which surgeons bring you the most income?  VaperTrail gives you feedback to actively manage your practice.
And all the information is presented in easy-to-read graphs.  Think ‘Google Analytics’ for Anaesthetics.