VaperTrail uses inbuilt ‘smarts’ to improve efficiency:

  • when generating bills where a co-payment has been charged, VaperTrail will automatically generate 2 invoices (one for the patient, one for the Health Fund) and send the Health Fund portion electronically if possible.
  • visual indicators for on-call shifts show who is on-call, but also show scheduling clashes and unfilled on-call shifts.
  • unassigned lists can easily be allocated as VaperTrail can show only the anaesthetists who are free at that time.
  • ‘quick picks’ are single-click buttons that show simply which tasks need to be done:  Which patients need estimates emailed to them?  Or preoperative visits scheduled?  Or need to prepay?

Many other features are built right in to VaperTrail to improve productivity in the office.

So it’s easier to train staff – both your current staff and new recruits.