I find the program far superior to the old system and easy to use, far less stressful  and really appreciate the effort and consideration you have adopted during its implementation.

When thinking of the Pro’s and Con’s of the program I found it hard to list any Con’s that are now concerning me.

The Pro’s that have come to mind are as follows:

  • Easy to find patients
  • Receipting so much better
  • Bpoint receipt number easy to apply
  • Editing patient information vastly improved
  • Error correction process far superior
  • Posting messages on patient file more effective
  • Look up process for surgery or consult list vastly improved
  • Patient help with account enquiries so much easier
  • End of day reconciliation a breeze with far less paperwork
  • The attached Excel spreadsheet very helpful
  • EFT reconciliation effective
  • Prepays easy to reconcile