We’re pleased to be able to reveal that the second largest anaesthetic practice in South Australia, Specialist Anaesthetic Services (SAS), has begun to use VaperTrail for their practice management.

SAS installed the software at the beginning of December and have been running live since Day 1.

To ease the transition, especially in a busy anaesthetic practice heading towards Christmas, we made sure that:

  • Project management and a timetable of the transition was fully discussed before starting
  • Office workflow was examined in detail to highlight potential problems and plan solutions/savings
  • VaperTrail was preloaded with all necessary Health Funds and Fee Schedules
  • Surgeons, Locations and the necessary Provider numbers were preloaded onto the system
  • Anaesthetists’ regular schedules and leave requests were entered into the calendar
  • Office staff and Anaesthetists were briefed about the process

so they could hit the ground running.  And they have.

SAS have made some excellent suggestions for enhancements to the software, some of which have already been implemented, with others planned for release within the next few months.

So if you’re worried about the move from your old software and processes, don’t be.  We can guide you through all aspects of the transition.

And if you’re stressed that if the software isn’t quite right and you’ll be stuck with it:  Relax.  We want your suggestions: to improve an already awesome product.