Anaesthesia is a complicated inter-relationship of anaesthetists, surgeons, regular or one-off sessions, patients and different hospitals – all with differing data requirements and functions – that a standard CRM can’t handle.  You need to handle separate but intimately connected parts of the practice:

  1. Office:  organise bookings, schedulings, on-call, estimates, IFC, billing, electronic claiming and chase up debts
  2. Clinical:  making sure that anaesthetists, wherever they are, are fully informed about their patients’ health issues
  3. Metrics:  a ‘birds-eye’ view of the practice to ensure that staff are working efficiently and the business is growing

VaperTrail has been designed from the ground up to interconnect all these functions.  Deep system-wide integration allows you to move effortlessly from office information to clinical to metrics and back again.  Just the way you’d expect it to.

Our users call it intuitive.  We call it 3 years of diligence.

Contact us to see how to bring your practice out of the dark.  And discover an easier way of doing business.